Close to the city, away from the chaos
A serene lifestyle from its architecture to its living spaces
Redefined standards
A unique experience with refined details
A serene lifestyle from its architecture to its living spaces
A peaceful life where every detail is carefully considered
Award Winning Interior Architecture
Lazzoni's world-famous design team
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Lazzoni, which has been making a difference for years with its interior designs in New York’s famous buildings, is preparing to leave an inspiring mark in Ankara, its birthplace. 

With the experience of taking part in the interior designs of master architects such as Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid and Renzo Piano, Lazzoni offers a functional, simple and serene living concept, where every detail has been carefully designed by the design team. 

Lazzoni House, in which local materials and resources are harmonized with state-of-the-art systems in Vernacular architecture that reflects the master-apprentice relationship that Lazzoni has adopted for centuries, represents the beginning of a new lifestyle in Ankara. 

Providing services with Lazzoni assurance and quality at all stages from the first sketch to turnkey and beyond, Lazzoni House invites you to discover a brand new world with its ecological, sustainable and renewable vision.